About GeoNovus

GeoNovus is a Canadian-based resource company exploring revenue opportunities in the medical marijuana, hemp and biotech industries. With recent changes to Uruguay's laws allowing unrestricted research into agricultural hemp and hemp-based polymer products, the medicinal properties of marijuana and its derivatives, and new techniques for the growing, processing and value-adding of same, Genonovus has made a significant investment in the region.

Revolutionizing Uruguay

Decades of prohibition around the world has kept research into the biological, chemical and medical aspects of marijuana largely under wraps. Because the substance has long been considered an illegal narcotic, human trials have been largely impossible, and even though laws have liberalized somewhat in the last twelve months, there are still large roadblocks in the path of progress. But in South America - specifically Uruguay - there are no restrictions on research in this emerging sector, and GeoNovus is there, forging a new and innovative path with the aid of that country's best and brightest scientists, academics, growers, geneticists and specialists.

Research & Development

The fastest growing area of the newly regulated medical marijuana industry is not growing the stuff, but discovering what it can do. With every passing month, new therapies are being established and patented, as biotechnology companies and life sciences researchers delve deeper into its makeup. That's hardly surprising: Patients report ongoing positive results in using cannabis-related treatments to fight cancer, dementia, diabetes, epilepsy, glaucoma, tourette syndrome, neurological problems, parkinson's disease, chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, and more.

Corporate Location

GeoNovus Minerals Corp.
1220 - 789 W Pender St.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6C 1H2

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